Ender (enderwiggin24) wrote,

the purpose of my LJ account

Clexpark by aurora_bee

Electronic Networked Dangerous Exploration Replicant

I have been opening this LJ mainly for the purpose of following my fav. authors and their WIPs fics on LJ.
If I friend to you and ask you to friend back, thats because your fics are locked. Not because I expect you to read a lot in my LJ, since I will not use it much. And if I am going to use it, it will be mainly fandom related. I may pimp a lot of SV related stuff.

For the time being, i am not friending anyone back.
all new authors, that i am reading, are followed by me through RSS feeds. or the LJ tracking feature.

If you want to know how to be notified about my public updates - apart from using the LJ tracking feature - have a look into my userinfo, there is a box, where you can enter your email address, and my new public posts will automatically mailed to you.

Also, feel free to use this post, or any other post to talk with me about anything you like. Preferably SV clex fandom related :)

My recs are all going to be archived here: theme_clex_recs
also, danceswithgary has a great rec masterlist that she is working on continually:

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