Ender (enderwiggin24) wrote,

This and That: Sherlock, Noir, and Borgia!!!

crossposting, just in case you are not at the other com!

a couple of seconds of the 2nd season of sherlock + plus lots of other stuff from BBC one (I have no idea, if what has been shown is spoilery, so dont watch, if you are spoilerphobic XD)

some kind fan already put together the sherlock clips only XD

a show from starz that I am looking forward in 2012, due to the description :D
NOIR follows two female assassins who team up to fight against a secret society during 1960's Paris. After discovering they're mysteriously linked, the two, under the Noir moniker, have to work together until they get answers about why and how they are connected - or until one of them kills the other. Stephen Lightfoot (Criminal Justice) wrote the adaptation and will executive produce the series with Raimi, Tapert, fellow Spartacus exec producer Joshua Donen as well as Bill Hamm.

Noir will premiere in the summer of 2012 on Starz.

2 links to German articles to the European version of Borgia, that is going to be aired starting 17th October:
(sorry, I have no clue where to look up for english articles, if you have some, add them in the comments, and I will edit my post XD)

ZDF zeigt «Borgia» an drei Abenden pro Woche

ohhhman, how long till Gossip Girl and Good Wife are back????!!!
and uhm, mostly important, I am still alive :D
see you again hopefully before christmas XD
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