Ender (enderwiggin24) wrote,

question to my tech savvy friends? friendslocked entries in rssreaders?

Just realized today, that the method I have been using for the last couple of years to read flocked LJ coms and journals in my gReader has been dead for a while.

I am really sorry, but if we are mutual friends, and I havent commented on your LJ for the last 2 or 3 years, you can safely assume, I have assumed, you have moved on to RL, and left lj behind. If you did not appear in my feedreader, and/or I forgot to use the LJ tracking button, then I am very happy to offer you the no-hard-feelings, lets mutual de-friend route.

Back to the flocked LJ thing (if there is going to be solution, then the defriending thing of course, can be delayed :)):

neither did https://freemyfeed.com/ ever worked for me, and what did work http://lj.abnib.co.uk/, has been I guess, dicontinued for the last 2 years.

Anyone of you having some online solution for this`?
I do not want to go the offline feed reader route, or install solutions on my own server (which I dont own anyway).
I have googled, but so far, most solutions I could find on LJ or DW are from 2009 or older...


BTW: regarding my last flocked entry. My answer was "yes".
Thanks for all your thoughts, will discuss it someday with you guys again. or maybe never. depends on my mental shape, once I have returned from that trip.
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