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Rec Sherlock fic: Refusing the Knighthood (Star Wars fusion)

its the year 2012, and I just discovered LJ has added a "share" button!!
I am sure, since last time I have been really here, there must have been one or another LJ meltdowns, and moronics with it, but this is wonderful!

as is this fusion story :D
utterly delightful voices, especially of sherlock!

Originally posted by rachelindeed at Sherlock fic: Refusing the Knighthood (Star Wars fusion)
Sherlock made it clear from the beginning that he had absolutely no interest in becoming a Jedi Knight.

Author's Note: Written for sherlock-flashfic's challenge, The Case of the Open Secret.  @1500 words, rated G.  Just having a bit of fun :)

Refusing the Knighthood

When Mycroft Holmes arrived at the Jedi Academy to select a Padawan learner, he had only one prerequisite.

“Precocious,” he said. “I’m looking for a precocious child.”

Tags: fic rec, sherlock
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