Ender (enderwiggin24) wrote,

weeeeee 17seconds!

Take a peek at the newest Iron Man armor in the first Iron Man 3 teaser

also, why at that site, ahhaahhhhaaa
9 Reasons to Elect a Supervillain President

I am sure, all my USians friends have made up their minds for the november election, alas aren't you bored of Obama yet?
shouldn't four year of "changes" and "yes we can" be enough??
me, i am glad I am living in good ol' Europe, no changes ahead, ruled by know-nothing EU bureaucrats and being mother-henned to death by chancelloress (is that a word??) Madame Merkel.
"no, we can't" sounds good. No, we can't help anyone, don't want to sacrifice anything for anyone, least our vacation in Egypt, Turkey, Spain, or Greece.
all my lovely German-Asian, or French-Asian cousins say, how cheap all those countries are, no riots or demonstrations anywhere near their vacation bubble, and the prices boy, its better value than trips to Thailand or Vietnam!
surely that counts for something!

so, in other news, are we all prepared for some nice little brand-new war with Iran, after all lovely declarations of pulling out of god knows where Afghan? Iraq? Lebanon? Syria?
well surely the troops are needed somewhere else soon.

xoxoxoxo (you know you love me!)
I need my Gossip Girl fix, or I won't survive this *handwaves...well everything* with my sanity intact.
wait, what sanity??
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