Ender (enderwiggin24) wrote,

alternative to google gReader??

back from stockholm, complete success dont have the time to talk about it yet, nor post pics, but we went to the castle where the swedish younger princess was marrying :P

I have been so immersed in work the last two month that I completely missed the deadline, where its saying that google will stop the greader on 1 july!

and now i dont have the time either to look and read through hundreds of sites to see what a proper and similar alternative to greader is.

Anyone of you, who is a power-user of greader/rss feeds as I am, and already migrated to another service?

I am reading hundreds of sites and blogs (AO3 archive, fandom LJ, fandom DW journals, download sites, news sites...) with thousands of feeds!!!

greader is about as important to me as gmail, I would even pay google for keeping that service alive if they would offer that option but they don't *despairs*

someone of you, anyone, who is as dependend on rss feeds as I am, please help!

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