Ender (enderwiggin24) wrote,

fandom (no) life, and real life...

Its been , what, 20 years since Leonardo & Claire, seems like its time for the new generations of hapless idiot kids to fall in love with "William Shakespeare's epic and searing tale of love" again....hmm I have my doubts with this Julia, though the new Romeo with those lips quite reminds me of a certain clark kent XD
but that is not the reason I am going to watch this, rather a certain actor called Damian Lewis, whom I fell in love for his characters in "Life" and "Homeland", which is accidentally filmed with Claire Danes...:D

other things i currently enjoy:

Revenge: now emily and victoria, I worship both of them :)
Once upon a time: emma and regina, lovely, same as above :)
Strike back, Season 1 - 4: manly men, lots of explosions, not much brain required to follow everything, whats not to love?

Teen Wolf: thank god, i didnt let myself deter from trying out that show by all the strange derek and stiles shipping XD
all the on screen incest, rape, non-con, torture, h/c and well, bascially, all fandom kinks merged and meshed and transformed and presented in one show?
now that is what kind of stuff i believe generations of idiot kids will totally fall for, and their daily fandom fic output both on ao3 and lj?
is exceeding avengers and Star Trek: Into Darkness. Hats off MTV!
My generation had Buffy, hopefully Teen wolf for the next few years will make the kids happy :)
I ship Deucalion, its very stressfree, coz no one else does XD

Real Life: 15years High School (Abi) reunion next week :)
means driving home, meeting at our school building, and fellow students and teachers, nostalgia abundance.
I guess, one of the reasons, whether 20 years ago or now, i never felt any connection to any of these strange US High School comedies is and was, that I have always had fond memories of those years. It was all very unexcited and boring, no alcohol excesses, if you didnt like to smoke, you didnt, if you had underage sex, you had it and parents and teachers were giving you the safe sex speech, and if you didnt like dating, you told the guys, hey back off, my star wars novels are far more interesting than you are, there are other pretty girls and guys around, so please get lost, then they would get lost (it was vice versa, I got the speech once "hey ender, really cute you like me, but I am going to study medicine after my A-levels, and I really need A grades everywhere, so uhmmm lets stay studying buddies?" and I was like "fine, lets trade our lesson scripts". hahah, it was all stupidely reasonable and boring and bourgoise)
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